Friday, October 18, 2019

Funding Alternatives for City Hall Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Funding Alternatives for City Hall - Term Paper Example The city enjoys net capital assets of about 57.9 million dollars, general fund of about 14.4 million dollars and debts running up to 35.4 million dollars. According to the city’s financial statements, per capita income is about 1, 697 dollars. The city requires more finances to fund expansion plans, provide vital services and clear the outstanding debts. Several measures are being put in place to make good use of the available assets. Some of the vital projects at hand include; public works yard, city hall and a public safety building. The main areas of sourcing for finances are revenue bonds, general obligation bonds and limited general obligation bonds. The development objective is the drop in the challenges that the city faces and its causes through partnership approach that is harmonized by the city authorities. The first phase of the project was to conduct a survey which will provide a source of reference for the formulation of strategy by defining the various funding options, including an identification of the key components and actors for effective completion of the highlighted projects. Sustainable livelihoods are those that are built on a scheme that offer a way for survival without exposing the natural reserve base. In this regard, one of the strategic areas of focus of the city’s framework and the residents is transparent resource management. The program focuses on the city levels on improving management structures to make them more receptive to the needs of the people, reinforce participation of citizen and aid groups to relate more efficiently with authorities. The City of Maitland is faced with formidable challen ges of rapid urban growth, diminishing resources and increasing global competition, all of which result in the challenges within the city’s administration. Nonetheless, the authorities have demonstrated an inspiring level of elasticity and capacity to contain the challenges as a sign of good

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